It is possible to shop for necessities for your loved one directly at the clinic! Our small shop stocks a large variety of maintenance veterinary diets in dry and caned formula for dogs and cats, prescription diets, tooth paste and dental care products, chews, treats and more.
Since the space on our shelves is limited we do not stock a lot of each product. To prevent having you come all the way to our clinic to purchase an item that is currently out of stock, we recommend you call first and allow 2 business days if we special order an item for you. Do not fret, it will be our pleasure to call you when the item is in!
Here is a list of the types of products you can find in our shop (apart from food and prescription medication) or that we could order for you:

Skin products: medicated shampoo, topical supplements, ear cleaning solution, nail trimmers, brushes, etc.

Vitamins and supplements: omega fatty acids, multi vitamins, multiple types of joint supplements, liver supplements, brain supplements, etc.

Medical products: Pill pockets, probiotics, anti-chew paste and Bitter Apple spray, bandaging material, Elizabethan collars, Laxatone paste for hairballs, pilling aids, etc.

Dental hygiene: tooth brushes, tooth paste, dental treats and chews, water additives, anti-bacterial rinse, etc.

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